FEA Analysis on TFC Lashing Eye

What testing has Navtec done on the TFC rigging?

Using our 30 years of experience in the rigging business Navtec has developed design standards for the TFC rigging. These standards are what we test the rigging to using our in house testing facility. The fittings are also designed to the same standard. The testing includes break, fatigue, modulus and creep tests along with other tests to confirm the rigging meets and exceeds the Navtec standard. The lab testing is then backed up with ocean and buoy racing with TFC rigged boats logging many miles since introduction in 2011

What are the benefits of the TFC and the construction method?

It allows for a flexible cable in the mid span that can be coiled into 3-5ft loop depending on sizes and easily shipped around the world, avoiding difficult and complicated “on-site” curing or other processing.

Using the thermoplastic material we are able to consolidate the multi-strand mid span bundle material down to a small diameter bar in the ends which allows the TFC product to have small terminations reducing weight and windage.

The high end aerospace grade thermoplastic used as the matrix material to support the carbon is a major advantage. The ability of material to be formed and then reformed opens up new options to building composite rigging. The challenge is that it has to be processed at very high temperatures (over twice other composites) using precision machined steel tooling. The tooling and semi-automated process allows for tight quality control built right into the manufacturing processs

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How is TFC rigging built?

We start with a bundle of high end aerospace grade carbon/ thermoplastic strands evenly loaded. Then using a proprietary process developed in house we fuse the strands over a short distance at the ends into a solid bar. Once a solid bar is created at each end of the cable we use another proprietary and patented process to form a head onto the end of the solid bar. The head is formed using the existing carbon thermoplastic material in the solid bar reformed into a proprietary geometry.g - frequently asked questions

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