thermo fused carbon rigging (TFC)

One third the weight of equivalent rod rigging

Extended life span and increased durability


Compact, optimized terminations to reduce weight and windage

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TFC Carbon Rigging

Navtec TFC can be used with existing rod rigging
deck, mast and spreader interfaces, making
conversion from rod rigging easy. Equipment
upgrades using titanium fittings can further optimize
the existing rigging package.

Navtec TFC is the latest innovation in carbon fiber
rigging. It is fabricated from an advanced carbon
fiber composite material. This flexible, high modulus
carbon composite material utilizes a thermoplastic
base that, when combined with an innovated
fabrication process, permits new options and
enhancements currently unavailable with other rigid
and flexible thermoset carbon fiber composite

The TFC shroud is fabricated using a unique and
innovative patented process to form a method of
termination using 100% carbon fiber composite
material. The same high modulus thermoplastic
carbon fiber composite material that forms the
structural rigging midspan is molded and fused into a
configuration that physically interlocks into the
titanium end fittings. This high strength termination
requires no addition of epoxy or other adhesive
materials permitting the size of the fitting to be
minimized to decrease weight and the shape to be
optimized to reduce windage.

TFC weighs approximately one third the weight of
equivalent rod rigging. TFC offers a long life span as
well as improved durability when compared to
thermoset counterparts. TFC shrouds can be covered
with a variety of protective covers to prevent sail
damage and chafe at deck level or reduce friction for
a backstay application.

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