* Lightest Continuous Rigging Available
* Smallest Diameter Continuous Rigging
* More Aerodynamic Spreader Tip Design
* Fewer Fittings - No Spreader Pin
* Most Aerodynamic Mast Attachments
* Lower Center of Gravity
* Immensely Strong - High Stiffness
* Fully Integrated - Single or Multiple Panels
* Easy Set Up - Repeatable Tuning
* Decades of Navtec Design Experience

© Photo Gilles Martin-Raget

STROKE = 40mm

Partnered with our industry standard biconic terminations at the mast, our new Navtec Z-System Continuous PBO Rigging is safe and brings proven performance to those who require top quality in their rigging.

The inherent characteristics of the overall rigging package tends to result in the lower vertical shrouds being stiffer and stronger than required by specification, which is always good.  It also lowers the overall center of gravity for the rig, as weight aloft is reduced by limiting the number of terminations and bulk in spreader attachments.  The result is improved stability and comfort when sailing in less than ideal conditions.

Navtec continues to build on its global reputation of supplying top quality, dependable rigging optimized for function.  The most advanced rigging system is available today.  Don’t hesitate to take advantage of what this new rigging system offers, before your
closest competitor does. Z-System Continuous PBO Rigging – the best continuous rigging system available.

The Navtec Z-System Continuous PBO Rigging is the lightest continuous rigging system available in today’s marketplace. It also results in the smallest diameters of any continuous rigging system which directly results in less drag from the rigging elements.  Also, multiple panels may be used to optimize the performance for longevity and ease of substituting damaged cables without replacing the entire rig.

Z-System Continuous PBO Rigging begins with the development of new manufacturing techniques which lead the industry in quality, performance and ease of use. By reducing the number of terminations, we have removed weight and complexity from modern rig designs. The removal of spreader pins and the subsequent structure built up at the tip to house the connection of three shrouds has resulted in lightweight tips which can result in the most aerodynamic spreader tip designs.


For years Navtec has supplied the most trusted, high performance rigging packages to the world’s elite racing yachts as well as high performance cruisers. The introduction of this latest offering from Navtec fiber rigging solutions is an innovative development on old rigging practices. Navtec built on the successful platform of our Z-System PBO which has dominated such classes as the Open 60’s and America’s Cup. The next rigging evolution,  Navtec’s new Z-System Continuous PBO Rigging, is hands down the best rigging system where all around performance is top priority.

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